The Critic (1963)

 The CriticThe Critic Review

 The Critic is a 1963 Oscar-winning animated short film which was narrated by Mel Brooks.

The film is basically a screening of an art film during which we hear an older audience member complain about the film’s lack of plot or meaning. It is an ingenious and such an original film that perfectly explores some great themes when it comes to film and film criticism, especially about art films and their lack of plot. It is also an attack on film reviewers as well. The film lasts for only three minutes and still manages to be incredibly smart and funny during such a short time.

Our main and only character here is such a realistically portrayed one with a typical voice and manner of speaking and some great lines. His way of speaking and his endless frustration with the film lends to a lot of the funny moments. The humor really is superb.

But I do find this film a lost potential no matter how good it is. The Critic only lasts for three minutes which is my main issue. Yes, it manages to be funny and smart nonetheless, but I still wanted more and they could have done much more had it been longer. Also, the ending was a lost opportunity in my opinion as I expected some big laugh at the end with maybe him being kicked out of a theater or him leaving alone or something like that. But that never happened which is unfortunate. It is still a good short, but could have been better.

The Critic is short and the premise could have been even more utilized, but during such a short time it still manages to be very funny and very sophisticated with such an authentic idea well executed.

My Rating – 4

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