Tango (1981)

Tango ReviewTango Review

Tango is a 1981 Polish Oscar winning animated short film directed by Zbigniew Rybczynski. It’s an original film.

The film follows a group of thirty six different people in a house as they go about their daily routines but their paths never intersect so in my opinion this is the same house but set in very different time periods. I found this experiment really authentic as there isn’t anything quite like it either in animation or live-action. Watching these people provides a somewhat hypnotic experience and a highly memorable one.

Tango is not perfect owing to its style. I honestly found its live-action figurines or whatever you could call them very unappealing and the film almost looked like a live-action movie whereas it was supposed to be animation. I would have preferred to have animated characters much more. And the ending should have been more striking. But other than that, the film is intriguing in tone and quality, so well scored and even fascinating.

Tango is a deserved Oscar winner with an authentic premise and an other-worldly feel to it.

My Rating – 4

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