Top Ten X-Men Characters

Top Ten X-Men Characters……………………………………………………………….

Top Ten X-Men Characters

The X-Men franchise is my favorite superhero movie series and one of the biggest reasons lies in its characters. It is populated with many highly likable and some even unforgettable characters. The franchise actually has too many characters and some do not get their proper due, but most are really well developed and essential to the plot. Plus the actors playing them were mostly terrific. So without further ado, here are ten best X-men characters in my opinion.


 10. Moira MacTaggert

This CIA agent only appears in a couple of recent entries in the series, but she still left a solid impression thanks in no small part to always wonderful Rose Byrne playing the role. As the only character on this list who isn’t a mutant, her relationship with Charles was quite charming and I liked that she wanted to help the mutants and it was interesting watching how a regular human being reacted in their environment.


Top Ten X-Men Characters9. Beast

At first Beast was a bit boring to me, but he grew on me eventually as once again the actor carried the role to greater heights. Nicholas Hoult is very sympathetic in this role, but also genuinely funny at times and thanks to his shy and reserved personality, he reminded me of myself and thus I liked him all the more. Plus his conflict was quite emotional.


Top Ten X-Men Characters8. Cyclops

Cyclops is probably one of the funniest characters on this list as it was quite amusing watching his rivalry with Wolverine over their shared love for Jean Grey. He isn’t the best developed and he should have had a bigger role later on, but his power is very cool and James Marsden is charismatic in the role.



Top Ten X-Men Characters 7. Quicksilver

Of course Quicksilver had to be on this list. He was very good in Apocalypse, but of course his shining moment came in Days of Future Past’ where he had the most memorable and inventive sequence ever in the franchise. A hilarious and simply fun personality, he successfully managed to enlighten the mood in the usually more serious films such as these.


Top Ten X-Men Characters6. Jean Grey

As the most powerful person on the entire team, Jean Grey had to be included here and even though she was never utilized as well as she deserved, it was still entertaining watching her at the height of her powers, particularly in ‘X2’ and ‘Apocalypse’. Her Phoenix form brought many of the best action sequences in the franchise.


Top Ten X-Men Characters 5. Wolverine

I get that Logan would usually populate higher slots on most of the other lists, but in my opinion there are four better characters than him. But still you can’t deny his presence. Even though he was overused, he was the best in minor roles when he was quite funny. Hugh Jackman is naturally fantastic playing his role and he heightened what could have easily been a boring and ridiculous part.


Top Ten X-Men Characters4. Mystique

I really like Mystique. None of the two actresses played the role satisfyingly, at least not in my opinion, but the character herself is awesome. In the first trilogy, she was just a villain. But in the later entries, she was much more fascinating in her conflicting nature and loyalty toward both Charles and Erik. She is one of the most complex and well developed X-Men characters for sure.


Top Ten X-Men Characters3. Deadpool

Deadpool is terrific, there is no denying that. He only has one movie so far, but he made such a huge impact that he had to take the third spot on my list. Ryan Reynolds is so admirable and passionate in the role and he is a character who is consistently hilarious and fun from the beginning to the end of the flick. He is such a great personality who made fun of the many genre clichés beautifully and is one of the funniest movie characters in recent memory.


Top Ten X-Men Characters2. Magneto

Ian McKellen was superb as Magneto, but the younger version played by Michael Fassbender is my favorite. Menacing and immensely powerful, but also conflicting, complex and ultimately good at heart, he is a very interesting character in every film he appeared in and watching his relationship with Charles unfold was a tremendously rewarding, emotional experience. A superbly developed character for sure and watching him in action was a lot of fun too.


Top Ten X-Men Characters1. Professor X

Everything I said above applies here as well. Patrick Stewart is terrific, but again the younger version with James McAvoy is the more memorable and complex one. Watching his road from inexperienced and fearful to calm and powerful was superbly crafted and dramatic. He is the type of wise person who is surely familiar by now, but he is better than most as we’ve seen him progress and had a lot of difficulties overcome. His relationship with Erik is complex, but his relationship with Mystique is just as well established. Whether alone or interacting with others, he is the rare good guy and hero who is actually a great, memorable character which is why he topped my list.

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