Saturday Evening Puss (1950)

Saturday Evening PussSaturday Evening Puss

Saturday Evening Puss is a 1950 animated short that is the 48th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a traditional and very entertaining entry.

This short is very old-fashioned and typical for better and for worse. While the plot is typical, the ending is expected and that scene with Jerry’s body reacting to music is basically a rip-off of the similar scene in ‘Solid Serenade‘, the film is still so entertaining and typically funny and wonderfully fast paced that I liked it. I liked that approach as I haven’t seen such an approach from the series in a while.

The action is excellent. The humor is really good and Mammy is stupendously well used here and she can even be seen in one scene which is unexpected and memorable. Jerry is wonderful here and he’s very endearing, especially in that ending. Tom’s invitation for a party is great and that scene is so fun as is the entire film. And I loved that all of the other cats were present here and they were utilized quite well. This is one of the most entertaining entries in years.

Saturday Evening Puss is so old-fashioned for better and for worse, but it is incredibly entertaining and has many memorable moments.

My Rating – 4.2

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