Solid Serenade (1946)

Solid SerenadeSolid Serenade Review

Solid Serenade is a 1946 animated short which is the 26th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a fantastic entry and one of my personal favorites.

Tom woos Toodles Galore by singing, but Jerry eventually releases previously tied up Spike and the chase between the two unleashes. This is not that original premise, but the execution is what matters here and it is terrific. The action is simply fantastic with the chase scenes here being all very entertaining and perfectly realized. The characters all get their moments and although Jerry isn’t that emphasized, Spike is great and Tom is stupendous in this one and so funny.

This is one of my childhood favorites and upon watching it as an adult now, I love it just the same as it is so good. It is well animated and wonderfully scored, but the humor is so good. The voices are present here, but for once are not annoying and actually help the movie and make it more memorable. The editing is great and the structure is phenomenal and although chaotic, that quick pace and energy works here and provide many memorable moments of which Tom’s yelps, his wooing and singing, his hitting Spike and Spike’s and Tom’s evil laughs are the highlights with this last one being so incredible and leading to such a superb finale. It surely is one of the finest shorts from the duo.

Solid Serenade is one of my favorite Tom and Jerry films with fantastic chases, great character moments, many hilarious parts and a perfectly executed ending.

My Rating – 4.5

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