The Mad Dog (1932)

The Mad Dog ReviewThe Mad Dog Review

The Mad Dog is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very competent entry.

We find Mickey bathing Pluto and the dog eats the bar of soap and runs outside where people think he is crazy and has rabies. Pete arrives acting as a dogcatcher in this film and he corners Pluto. Mickey pleads for his life and eventually the two manage to run away. It is a very strong film because it is much more serious and emotional than all of the previous Mickey Mouse entries.

It isn’t a great cartoon and is somewhat uninteresting in some scenes and not particularly comedic, but there is no denying the power of that heartbreaking and heartwarming scene where Mickey pleads for Pluto’s life. He truly loves him and this is most certainly one of the finest man (a mouse really)-dog relationships in the history of animation. Pete is also very memorable as the villain here.

The Mad Dog is one of the best Mickey Mouse shorts so far with an excellent, moving and strong story.

My Rating – 4

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