The Bodyguard (1944)

The BodyguardThe Bodyguard Review

The Bodyguard is a 1944 animated short which is the 15th of Tom and Jerry cartoons. It is one of the best of its time.

Jerry helps Spike the dog and he for his gratitude tells him that whenever he is in trouble, he should just whistle and he will come to save him. That is such a great premise and wonderfully executed as well. The short is entertaining from start to finish and it is just so fun and so funny as well. The finale is perfect, the beginning is really good as well which is rare and the middle parts, although a bit repetitive, are still highly amusing.

Tom is great here, but Jerry is even better. However, it is Spike who is the highlight as he is really well put to use in this one. And because of that, The Bodyguard quality-wise manages to trump ‘Dog Trouble‘ which was the first appearance of this character.

The animation is really good and the character design of Spike is fantastic. The score is okay, but not as good as before. But the humor is terrific and it is really funny at certain parts, especially in the last third or so. The only thing that bothered me is the voice acting which is once again present. This time Spike gets to talk and it is annoying, but not as annoying as some of the previous instances of that practice.

The Bodyguard is very entertaining and funny with a great premise, wonderfully beginning and finale and a terrific use of the Spike character.

My Rating – 4.3

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