Dog Trouble (1942)

Dog TroubleDog Trouble Review

Dog Trouble is a 1942 animated short that is the fifth in Tom and Jerry filmography. And although somewhat disappointing at first, it got a lot better later on.

It is rather disappointing plotwise in the first act with somewhat familiar and expected action on screen. However, it all changes once the two form an alliance against the dog. Yes, this is the first appearance of Spike the dog and one of the rare instances where the two protagonists unite with each other. That was so interesting and new and although it was done first and better in ‘The Night Before Christmas’, this pairing still has a lot going for it, especially the fact that they both unite in order to save themselves from Spike with some very entertaining and charming results.

The ending is also very satisfying with the two again forming a rivalry and the chase continues. It was a perfect finale. And both Tom and Jerry are excellent in Dog Trouble, both have their moments. And it is notable for having the first appearance of Spike who proves to be a solid foe for the two.

The animation is also good as is the score. The action was underwhelming at first, but it got better later on and the humor, while still lacking, is present with some fun parts to it.

Overall, Dog Trouble starts off in a weak manner, but it quickly gets better with a great and interesting partnership formed between the two and a really satisfying finale.

My Rating – 4.1

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