Special Delivery (1978)

Special DeliverySpecial Delivery Review

Special Delivery is a 1978 Canadian Oscar winning animated short film that deserved its awards how good it is.

The plot in Special Delivery is the best thing about this film of course. It is so good and convoluted, but just in the right way. It deals with some really mature issues while presenting them in a comedic manner which I loved. I absolutely loved how crazy and weird this movie is, weird in a positive way. Each and every plot point is just phenomenal and the film ends really well. The film is so intriguing, so entertaining and always riveting and authentic.

The characters are also interesting and realistic. I loved the various scenarios here and although they sound unbelievable, they aren’t unrealistic as those can happen. It’s just that the progression of each scenario here is extremely rare to happen, but that is what makes this movie so hilarious and fun to watch. The animation is the only problem I’ve had with the film. It isn’t bad and its look is interesting, but it still looks too simplistic and at times crude for my taste. But I still really enjoyed the character design here. The narration is also fantastic and it wonderfully accompanies every scene. I loved the fact that the movie has no dialogue, but is presented in narration as it is the most fitting approach with this kind of a story.

Special Delivery is funny, but also riveting and authentic with some interesting themes, great narrative approach and such a crazy plot to it.

My Rating – 4.5

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