The Big Bad Wolf (1934)

The Big Bad Wolf (1936)The Big Bad Wolf Review

The Big Bad Wolf is a 1934 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is a disappointing, but still a solid sequel.

The Big Bad Wolf is the sequel to ‘The Three Little Pigs‘ from the previous year and of course it cannot measure with it in terms of quality whatsoever. But it is still solid with a very entertaining plot and a solid incorporation of Little Red Riding Hood. That story is pretty well told here with the wolf being particularly memorable and he’s once again the highlight.

But the pigs fail in comparison to him and their subplot isn’t as strong unfortunately. It begins and ends well, but those middle parts are a bit lacking. I loved the ending with the popcorn touch being ingenious and so funny. The film is once again well animated and well scored, but the sound mixing isn’t as good because the dialogue is too muted and the score is overloud. But the chases are well executed and the film flows well and is never rushed. I just wish that it featured more of that iconic music and that it had a better use of its characters.

The Big Bad Wolf is solid in terms of plot and Little Red Riding Hood is well incorporated, but the pig characters aren’t as good here and the film is overall a solid, but certainly a disappointing sequel.

My Rating – 3.6

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