The Three Little Pigs (1933)

The Three Little Pigs Review

The Three Little Pigs Review

 Three Little Pigs is a 1933 Disney Silly Symphony film. It is a classic and a timeless masterpiece.

It is such an acclaimed and important movie. It is about three pigs who build houses. The two of them build with sticks and straw even though Practical Pig, who builds his house with bricks, warns them of the wolf. Eventually, the wolf comes, blows their houses down and the two escape to Practical Pig’s house. Yes, this story has a great message for children about work and how important that is. But it is also wonderfully executed from beginning to end with no wasted or rushed scenes whatsoever.

The Three Little Pigs is important for being the first animated short to use real, fleshed out characters which is evident from the beginning. All three of the pigs along with the wolf are different, well developed characters with their own unique set of personalities. And I loved all of them with the Big Bad Wolf being the highlight with his harsh voice. He is such a great villain that posed real threat and is the most memorable character here. And the voice acting is truly excellent here.

The animation is absolutely mesmerizing. The colors are great, the film looks polished and wonderful to look at and the movements are all well realized. But the character design is the standout as all characters look absolutely fantastic with the wolf in particular being so well animated. The music is of course iconic to this point. The whole short is brilliantly scored, but the song Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? in particular is just fantastic as it is so catchy, so well incorporated into the story and just unforgettable. The film is great for the eyes and ears and is undoubtedly the finest Silly Symphony and it just might be the very best animated short film ever made.

With exquisite animation, memorable characters, very important and superbly incorporated message for children, excellent characterization as well as character design and outstanding, catchy and iconic music, The Three Little Pigs is undoubtedly a classic that is charming, entertaining, important and quite iconic. It is perfect both in terms of storytelling and craftsmanship, a film that is endearing and fantastic to this day, a masterpiece that is quite possibly the best animated short film of all time.

 My Rating – 5

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