Part Time Pal (1947)

Part Time Pal Part Time Pal Review

Part Time Pal is a 1947 animated short which is the 28th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a flawed entry that is one of the weaker for the duo.

Tom gets an order from Mammy to catch Jerry, but he gets drunk and befriends the mouse. Yes, the concept itself is quite intriguing and new, but as is the same with ‘Mouse in Manhattan’, it doesn’t make use of its premise rather well and ends up being weird and disappointing. It is above all too boring and slow paced to be enjoyed more and definitely lacks the energy and the humor for which the series is famous for.

It does have its moments though with Mammy being the highlight here and the ending in particular is so visually great and a fine conclusion. And the characters are likable here and the action is standard, but well executed. But in the end, it is a disappointment and is one of the weaker efforts from this series of shorts.

Part Time Pal has good action, fine character moments and it has its memorable scenes, but it is still a disappointment as it is so boring and slow and doesn’t use its premise that well.

My Rating – 3.6

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