Mouse in Manhattan (1945)

Mouse in ManhattanMouse in Manhattan Review

Mouse in Manhattan is a 1945 animated short that is the 19th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a middling and weird effort for the duo.

Jerry goes to Manhattan and leaves a note to Tom. There he enjoys himself, but eventually gets frustrated and returns home. Now, this short is an interesting, but not so much a successful experiment. It is interesting that there is no Tom in it for the majority of running time and the ending is absolutely magnificent with Jerry returning and kissing the cat. That was all really well done.

But on the other hand, while Jerry got his moments in here, the lack of Tom was troublesome and it really got boring and weird without him. I expected to see him sooner than just in the finale, but it never happened and that was the film’s biggest weakness. The mouse got many interesting scenes and the change of setting was refreshing and really well animated, but I still missed Tom regardless and there should always be both of them in the picture in my opinion.

Mouse in Manhattan is really well animated and has a great ending, but the lack of Tom is really troublesome and it quickly gets boring and weird without him.

My Rating – 3.7

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