Musical Farmer (1932)

Musical Farmer ReviewMusical Farmer Review

Musical Farmer is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is an okay short.

This is again a film which is oddly structured meaning that its first half is basically just a musical with no plot whatsoever and the second half suddenly introduces the plot and the conclusion. Both halves are weak, but with some solid moments here and there. I particularly liked Mickey here as he steals the show with his camera.

Fanny the hen is a lot of fun and I was amused by her protecting her giant egg. I wanted a better ending and a better beginning, but some moments with the egg and the camera are quite amusing and Mickey scaring Minnie was of course quite funny. The film is well animated and scored, but so weakly edited and structured.

Musical Farmer has a couple of standout moments here and there, but the plot and structure are problematic.

My Rating – 3.4

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