Manipulation (1991)

Manipulation ReviewManipulation Review

Manipulation is a 1991 British Oscar winning animated short film that is solid.

A discarded cartoon character and some spilt ink combine and interact as if the cartoonist had drawn their actions. Discovering them, the cartoonist then joins in the interaction. That is the plot here and obviously it is not all that original as it has been done before, but still the film is solid enough that it did not matter too much.

I did not find that the film was too inventive in action or gags, but still fun in some scenes. Definitely the animation is the highlight as I really liked the character design and in particular how the film felt simplistic yet very polished in its look. It isn’t particularly strong and not awards worthy, but I do not mind too much that it won the Oscar regardless.

Manipulation isn’t original, but it is very well animated and with some memorable, fun scenes.

My Rating – 3.5

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