Everything Will Be Okay (2015)

Everything Will Be OkayEverything Will Be Okay Review

Everything Will Be Okay is a 2015 live-action short film which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. It is a very good, emotional film.

It is about a father and his daughter. The two parents are divorced and the girl is living with her mother, but one day the father takes her to a hotel and intends to take her away from her mother. This is a powerful and very emotional movie with such a devastating third act. I loved its conflict and the father in particular is so well realized and you really feel his pain. But I also loved the girl as she was so smart near the end and the relationship between the two is so well portrayed.

The first act is a bit slow and uneventful and I wanted more from the film in terms of sophistication. But Everything Will Be Okay is still for the most part a superb drama flick that is heartbreaking and relevant as so many people go through something like this. It is well filmed and so well acted. It definitely deserved its Oscar nomination and it is to me the best nominee in Live Action Short Film category after ‘Stutterer’.

Everything Will Be Okay is well acted and emotionally engaging with a heartbreaking story and a powerful ending.

My Rating – 4.4

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