Stutterer (2015)

Stutterer Stutterer Review

Stutterer is a 2015 live-action short film which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. It is probably the strongest nominee in that category.

It follows a lonely man who struggles to overcome his speech impediment while attempting to start a romantic relationship. I loved this movie. The whole plot is really refreshing and to me relatable because I shared some of the problems of the protagonist here including loneliness, shyness and the endless messaging on the internet before meeting in person. The main character is really sweet and you really feel his pain because he is such an eloquent man, but can’t express it and that is tragic.

It isn’t perfect because the first act could have been better and I disliked that beating up sequence and even found it pointless, but Stutterer is for the most part a terrific short movie that benefits from excellent direction and pacing. What I loved is also the inner monologue which suits this story perfectly and is really well executed to the fullest dramatic effect. The ending is immensely heartwarming and sweet and the whole film is relatable, interesting and authentic with a rarely dealt with issue presented in such a professional way. It might be my favorite of the nominees in the Live Action Short Film category.

Stutterer is sweet and poignant, but also incredibly well made and at times very authentic with a very well explored issue and some powerful moments.

My Rating – 4.5


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