Bear Story (2015)

Bear StoryBear Story Review

Bear Story is a Chilean animated short film that was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It is a sweet and poignant movie.

I adored its plot that is seemingly typical, but not at all eventually. It is about a bear who recollects his life with his family. That is incredibly heartbreaking to watch while also being so charming and poignant. The plot is so well crafted and never boring or rushed. I liked the elaborate mechanical diorama as it is the heart of the film. It is so well constructed and those scenes are just priceless.

Some of the moments should have been more accentuated and the score is a bit repetitive, but it is still quite moving and beautiful to listen to with such a poignant tone to it. The animation is fantastic with some great character design, superb town scenery, wonderful diorama and magnificent attention to detail. The animation is the strongest point here, but the plot is also fantastic and the protagonist is so likable and you really feel for him. It is a technically polished film with a lot of heart and it is such a deserved Oscar nominee in a strong year for animation.

Bear Story is such a poignant story with a lot of heart and excellent attention to detail. It is so well crafted and technically polished and such a wonderful, touching film.

My Rating – 4.4

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