A Greek Tragedy (1985)

A Greek Tragedy ReviewA Greek Tragedy Review

A Greek Tragedy is a 1985 Belgian Oscar winning animated short film that is quite disappointing.

The film follows three scantily dressed women who support the stones of Greek architecture. Eventually the building falls apart and the three, finally free and happy, dance away from the sight. Yes, this is a gag cartoon and for a film that is titled A Greek Tragedy, it is thoroughly misleading. There is nothing tragic about it, there is nothing epic in it and the film doesn’t even have any message to it.

You just follow these three women trying to support the building and that is basically it. And it isn’t even funny at that. The gags should have been much stronger. Admittedly I liked the score and I also really liked the animation and especially the character design of the women. But everything else is very weak and how this got an Oscar over ‘Luxo, Jr.’ I will never know.

A Greek Tragedy is an undeserved Oscar winner that looks and sounds good, but is pointless in plot, disappointing in execution and not even funny.

My Rating – 3

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