Luxo Jr. (1986)

Luxo Jr.

Luxo Jr. Review 

Luxo Jr. is one of Pixar’s first short films and it is famous for presenting a polished CGI look to it. But it is also really charming in its characters. Their design is very well done and iconic to this point. The plot, no matter how simple, is very charming and it can bring a smile to your face. The conclusion is really clever and funny as well.


The flaws I have with it are the running time and plot. That plot is too simplistic as I said before and it just lasts for less than two minutes which is never enough and it really takes away from the enjoyment of the film.

But the animation is absolutely spectacular and naturally groundbreaking and so incredibly influential. It is also clever in its incorporation of simple character design and simple design as that choice from the filmmakers is the one that led to Luxo Jr. having the animation that is not dated at all, unlike Pixar’s previous short ‘The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.’ which did not age well at all. But this aged wonderfully which is once again a testament to Pixar’s ingenuity.

Luxo Jr. may be short and simplistic, but it is a fun short filled with lovable characters, good humor, excellent finale and just fantastic, revolutionary CGI animation.

My Rating – 4

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