Trap Happy (1946)

Trap HappyTrap Happy Review

Trap Happy is a 1946 animated short that is the 25th Tom and Jerry short. It is a superb entry that is definitely one of the better shorts.

Tom calls in the mouse exterminator who turns out to be Butch and the two cats try to catch and kill the mouse with devastating results. I adored this flick. It is definitely one of the most violent entries in the series and it is done in a good manner as it is always entertaining and simply hilarious. I liked all of the characters here and Butch and Tom in particular are fantastic in this one.

The only problem I’ve had with it is that it is too fast-paced and starts abruptly. And it also could have used its premise even more. But it is still mostly superb and one of the best shorts from this period as it is so exhilarating and always funny. The humor in Trap Happy is awesome and it has both action and humor done right. The highlights are the scene in which Butch replaces the word mouse in mouse exterminator with the word  cat which is so hilarious and also Tom’s yelps and that ending are terrific.

Trap Happy is one of the best Tom and Jerry shorts of its time with many unforgettable scenes, superb action and fantastic humor.

My Rating – 4.3

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