The Flying Sorceress (1956)

The Flying Sorceress ReviewThe Flying Sorceress Review

The Flying Sorceress is a 1956 animated short that is the 98th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such a different than usual, but still disappointing entry.

The Flying Sorceress revolves around the witch as its title suggests. Tom goes to a witch and, while she’s asleep, goes on a broom to torment Jerry, but the witch torments him in the end and he wakes up, revealing it all to be a dream. Now, this plot with the witch is naturally very authentic for the series as rarely do we see some other, new characters here, let alone human ones.

I loved the animation a lot. The broomstick scenes were a lot of fun and the witch herself is so good. But the film is disappointing for not being original in its execution as is in its premise because it never has an exciting or unique plot point or action. The problem is again Jerry as he is so underused here and they should have cut him out completely from the end product.

The Flying Sorceress is nothing particularly exciting, but the premise is unique and the witch character is really amusing.

My Rating – 4.1

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