Pecos Pest (1955)

Pecos Pest ReviewPecos Pest Review

Pecos Pest is a 1955 animated short that is the 96th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such a great, one of a kind entry.

I just loved this cartoon! Almost everything in it is fantastic and it is so awesome to see a Tom and Jerry short this far in its run be this good. It mainly succeeds because of Uncle Pecos who is for once a great guest character who can rival the two in their appeal and humor. He is not only perfectly animated, but also perfectly acted. But he is just so funny and that first segment alone is worth the watch as it was so funny watching him sing and say he can’t sing every second part as it’s too high for him.

The whisker running gag is just phenomenal and although it takes the majority of running time here, it doesn’t become repetitive. The last gag is absolutely hilarious and so original. I loved Tom here who is so good as always. The only problem is Jerry who just never does anything and basically stands there throughout the whole cartoon. That was disappointing. But other than that, this short is truly great and the best in the series in a while.

Pecos Pest introduces Uncle Pecos with style and he is the character to remember, the running gag is funny and the ending is so fantastic.

My Rating – 4.2

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