Just Ducky (1953)

Just Ducky ReviewJust Ducky Review

Just Ducky is a 1953 animated short that is the 77th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such a typical, but sweet entry.

Yes, Just Ducky is very familiar and I wonder why did they produce so many duck or overall bird oriented Tom and Jerry shorts. And it isn’t particularly funny. But what it lacks in humor and storytelling, it more than compensates with its ending which is, unlike the film overall, pretty refreshing and actually quite different as Tom is saved by the duckling and he and Jerry wave him as he leaves with his family. That was sweet and unexpected.

I really liked Quacker here and Jerry’s interaction with him was very good. But I found the action to be pretty uninspired for the most part. Some moments are great (the balloon heads come to mind), but others are pretty boring (the entire chases). This is the type of entry that is charming and enjoyable to watch, but it lacks in humor and originality.

Just Ducky is very sweet and refreshing in its ending, but it is too familiar overall and lacks major laughs.

My Rating – 4

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