Cat Napping (1951)

Cat Napping ReviewCat Napping Review

Cat Napping is a 1951 animated short that is the 62nd Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a somewhat slight, yet at times hilarious cartoon.

Tom wants to nap, but Jerry is there to spoil his rest. I absolutely loved the use of the characters here. I loved the introduction of ants and those scenes were quite good, but Spike is also superb. And although Jerry isn’t as memorable, Tom is great and his pain is hilarious in some scenes. This is easily one of the funniest entries in recent memory.

Cat Napping has its evident problems which are the somewhat forgettable plot and of course at times typical and repetitive action, but the short is still so funny, frequently even hilarious and with a fantastic conclusion that is so satisfying. Some scenes are so great here from the perfectly executed and inventive ending to a great use of the frog in the middle section. It is overall a flawed, but quite respectable entry nonetheless.

Cat Napping is slightly typical, but also funny and frequently hilarious with a couple of phenomenal, highly memorable sequences.

My Rating – 4.1

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