Kitty Foiled (1948)

Kitty FoiledKitty Foiled Review

Kitty Foiled is a 1948 animated short which is the 34th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a very weak entry that is one of the worse from the duo.

This short disappointed me so much as the story is never particularly intriguing and never that entertaining. Cuckoo the canary is a cute introduction, but a flawed one as he is never as endearing or as fun as he should have been. This short has a unique premise in that it introduces a new victim for Tom while Jerry befriends him and the two flee from the big cat. And although that sounds so good on paper, the execution is thin and never as exciting as I hoped it would be.

However, one scene is the standout here and that has to be the sequence in which Tom thinks he is shot and plays dead. That was so funny and a fine use of the character, but Jerry never gets that moment unfortunately. And the portrayal of Indians is so stereotypical here. It is a solid entry that has its moments, but is still very flawed.

Kitty Foiled has its moments, but is mostly weak and quite forgettable with not as exciting action and not that good use of a great premise.

My Rating – 3.5

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