Jerry’s Cousin (1951)

Jerry's Cousin ReviewJerry’s Cousin Review

Jerry’s Cousin is a 1951 animated short that is the 57th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very weird and delightfully unique entry.

Jerry calls his cousin Muscles for help with the cat and Muscles teaches Tom a lesson. I loved this story and the introduction of Muscles is really well handled and he is in my opinion one of the best supporting characters in a series now. He is so good and a lot of fun with his tough voice being hilarious. I also loved the fact that Tom brought some tough cats for help later on. That was such a fun sequence.

The short never really comes around as greatly as it should because it somehow lacks the energy and more humor in its execution which is disappointing. But it still remains such an entertaining and a very authentic entry that easily differentiates itself from other Tom and Jerry shorts. The opening scene alone is marvelous with its brilliant execution – great action and music. And the ending is of course superb. It is such a memorable and different entry that was rightfully nominated for an Oscar, but deservedly lost it to ‘Gerald McBoing-Boing‘.

Jerry’s Cousin is delightfully weird and different with many superbly executed scenes and a great introduction of Muscles.

My Rating – 4.2

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