The Tramp (1915)

The Tramp Movie ReviewThe Tramp Movie Review

The Tramp is a 1915 short comedy film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin in his first titular role. And although flawed, it is still very good.

The Tramp defends the girl from criminals and starts working at her farm. However, he ends up on the road again after learning that she already has a boyfriend. I adored that poignant ending as it came as a surprise because the whole film is comedic, as it is supposed to be, but it ends on such a sad note. However, that finale also has his signature walk and is still somewhat happy as the road was his place to begin with. It is such a complex and so satisfying conclusion.

But the whole movie that came before it definitely has some problems. The pacing is very problematic as it is mostly fast, but is at times very prolonged with some scenes being overlongĀ  to the point of being detours. And it also isn’t as funny as I expected it would be. However, the humor is still mostly good and really charming. The slapstick with the pitchfork in particular, although slightly repetitive, is still very funny and at times even hilarious. It is so well executed as well. The film is very well shot and made and of course wonderfully directed and acted. The characters are also so likable and the protagonist is so lovable and well realized. I also liked the overall plot and the emotion is definitely present. It is a flawed, but still such a charming and endearing film that is a great introduction of this wonderful character.

The Tramp does have its flaws including problematic pacing and sometimes repetitive nature, but the characters are so likable, the humor is mostly good and the finale is so poignant and memorable leading to an iconic and strong early Chaplin film.

My Rating – 4.3

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