The Million Dollar Cat (1944)

The Million Dollar CatThe Million Dollar Cat Review

The Million Dollar Cat is a 1944 animated short that is the 14th of Tom and Jerry cartoons. It is one of the best of its year.

Tom inherits a huge sum of money but the contract states that he mustn’t harm Jerry if he wants to preserve the money. That is naturally a phenomenal premise for a Tom and Jerry piece, but it is thankfully wonderfully executed as well. The beginning as always is a bit weaker and I strongly disliked once again the use of dialogue, but everything else here is superb with the humor being especially good when Jerry torments the big cat and the finale is such a satisfying one.

Both of the characters are great here and the short is really well scored. I really liked the action here and the voices, apart from dialogue, are superb with a couple of yelps that are the best in the shorts series so far. The plot is fantastic with almost most of the scenes working. And the details are great. It is such an entertaining story wonderfully told and with a couple of hilarious moments.

The Million Dollar Cat is very entertaining and humorous with such a unique premise that is wonderfully executed with great action and fantastic conclusion.

My Rating – 4.3

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