The Barnyard Broadcast (1931)

The Barnyard Broadcast ReviewThe Barnyard Broadcast Review

The Barnyard Broadcast is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is solid but oddly structured.

Mickey Mouse sets up a radio music program so that Minnie, Horace and Clarabelle can perform. However, a cat family eventually barges in and destroys his whole set. I ended up really liking that last segment. The cats’ designs are off-putting in that early 30s fashion, but the action is very well executed and some of the gags worked with the final one being excellent.

But I just do not understand this structure. Basically the film drags and then is abrupt. We follow Mickey getting everything ready for high five minutes and then only in the last two minutes we get the action and the conflict. That was a very odd, ridiculous choice from the filmmakers.

The Barnyard Broadcast definitely has a very good third act, but it drags before that with such an unappealing structure.

My Rating – 3.4

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