Babes in the Woods (1932)

Babes in the WoodsBabes in the Woods Review

 Babes in the Woods is a 1932 Silly Symphony animated short film by Disney. It is one of the better entries for the series.

This is essentially a Hansel and Gretel storyline with some elves thrown into the mix. And while those elves aren’t that well utilized and the second half of the film is way too rushed and fast paced, the short is overall very good with some quite interesting aspects to it. For instance, the witch here is eerily similar to The Evil Queen from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs‘ not just in voice but in manners as well. That was awesome and she is such a great character here.

Another great thing about Babes in the Woods has to be its tone which is so dark and mature and that it caught me by surprise. There is some real danger to be felt here and I loved that. The witch is creepy and she turns the kids into animals in the scenes that are quite atmospheric in execution. The songs here are also pretty good, but the animation is one of the highlights being so beautiful to look at with great character design and nice colors. It is a very good adaptation of the story and it is one of the better films in this great series.

Babes in the Woods is one of the better Silly Symphonies due to a great villain, some very dark moments, excellent animation and a well crafted plot.

 My Rating – 4.4

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