Funny Little Bunnies (1934)

Funny Little Bunnies ReviewFunny Little Bunnies Review

Funny Little Bunnies is a 1934 Disney animated short film and one of the best Silly Symphonies of its type.

This is a special film for me. The nostalgia really kicked in upon watching it now as an adult because this was one of my favorites as a kid, the short that just fascinated me. And I have to say that I really liked it now as well. This is one of those Silly Symphonies that doesn’t have any plot to it whatsoever and while that is a problem, I still enjoyed this entry and found it to be one of the best themed Silly Symphonies. The ending could have been even better, but the whole flick is mostly incredibly charming and just so wonderful to watch.

This is a great Easter classic and a wonderful film for children to watch during that holiday. It succeeds mostly due to the absolutely amazing animation. It is so colorful and so beautiful to behold with the character designs of the bunnies being very good as well. There are many different types of bunnies here and I loved that. But I loved how the nature and the eggs were animated and the film is colorful, but never garish. The music is also excellent and wonderfully incorporated. And it is great watching all of those actions that go into making the Easter eggs. It is filled with an immense charm that its simplicity can be forgiven.

Funny Little Bunnies is simplistic as usual, but it benefits from such outstanding animation and it is such a wonderful film to watch with such an immense charm to it.

My Rating – 3.9

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