Who Killed Cock Robin? (1935)

Who Killed Cock Robin?Who Killed Cock Robin? Review

 Who Killed Cock Robin? is a 1935 animated short from Silly Symphony series. It is one of the better and more mature Silly Symphonies for sure.

This is such a weird movie! The weirdness is overwhelming, but mostly plays to its advantage as there isn’t quite anything like it out there. The plot I really liked and although the ending was convenient, it was still well realized and it led to that memorable ending. Wow, what an ending! The film is full of sexual innuendos and mature storytelling that it is crazy that this came from Disney. This was back in the day when the animators were not afraid of putting sexual and dark themes in animated films. I loved that about this film as it was fitting for the material.

The tribute to Mae West is just wonderful and I loved the character. But I also loved the singing scenes as they were so funny not just in lyrics, but in the way they sing as well. It was so funny and full of energy. The characters are so crazy and the whole film is incredibly entertaining and so much fun. ‘Mother Goose Goes Hollywood’ is still a superior film of this type, but this one is also phenomenal and such a crazy and wild comedy.

Who Killed Cock Robin? is such a wildly authentic and comedic picture filled with some incredibly mature scenes and superb characters and humor.

 My Rating – 4.5

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