Shok (2015)

ShokShok Review

Shok is a Kosovo British live-action short film which was nominated war the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. It is a disgusting propaganda movie.

It follows two boys during the 1990s war in Kosovo. It portrays Serbians basically as terrorists that are capable of killing Albanian children. It is so unapologetically one-sided which was sickening to witness. It is basically a hate speech towards Serbian people. It portrays them as terrorists and Albanians as victims with no grey areas whatsoever. It is a black-and-white, simplistic movie in the worst way possible.

This is such an awful, repulsive film that I am honestly shocked that it was nominated for the Oscar. These propaganda films have just one purpose – to spread lies and to show just one side with no sophistication whatsoever. It is stupid and I cannot understand how anyone with at least some sense can take it seriously. It should never have been nominated and it is just an all around horrendous experience.

Shok is a disgusting propaganda movie which is basically a one-sided hate speech towards Serbian people and it is just sickening to behold.

My Rating – 1

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