Ride Him, Bosko! (1932)

Ride Him, Bosko! Ride Him, Bosko! Review

 Ride Him, Bosko! is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a solid, if typical entry.

This is a pretty typical Looney Tune with a familiar storyline and a pretty tired western setting. The major problem is the lack of focus and the pacing which is all over the place. I liked its parts, but as a whole, it doesn’t quite work. The highlights are Bosko and his scenes because Honey isn’t the best this time around.

I liked the chases and I really liked the action here. Of course the music is great because the song When the Bloom is on the Sage is just such a catchy, entertaining number. The use of some fine locations and high-octane action definitely helped the film in the long run as well as refined animation and score.

Ride Him, Bosko! lacks focus and isn’t great as a whole, but in some of the parts it is excellent with great action sequences and music.

 My Rating – 3.6

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