King of the Mardi Gras (1935)

King of the Mardi GrasKing of the Mardi Gras Review

 King of the Mardi Gras is a 1935 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a good, but not great entry.

The reason why it disappointed me is definitely its first half which is fine, but quite clichéd and a typical Popeye plot. And unfortunately Olive Oyl is pretty underused here and that is always a flaw. But the second half is much better with Popeye being so amusing with his gibberish talk and Bluto is also pretty good.

I really liked that rollercoaster action. It was so entertaining to watch and really well animated and accompanied with good music. That setting was unique and I wish the whole film revolved around it. King of the Mardi Gras is far from a great Popeye short, but it is still pretty good with its fair share of strengths.

King of the Mardi Grass has a disappointing first half, but the second one is much better due to Popeye being funny and the action being interesting.

 My Rating – 4

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