Cops Is Always Right (1938)

Cops Is Always Right ReviewCops Is Always Right Review

Cops Is Always Right is a 1938 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a very charming, somewhat unique Popeye entry.

This is a different entry mostly in its storytelling and music. The music is something totally different from the usual cartoons in the series, but it works as it is so pleasant to listen to. But let’s talk about that plot. We have Popeye helping Olive clean the house while the cop is continually warning him about a parking ticket. I loved both of those elements as Olive is so good here and that policeman is also well utilized.

This isn’t perfect of course because it needed more humor and energy in its execution, but I still liked its slower approach and I really liked its pacing, quite a bit actually. It is riveting and always so charming in tone. Another great thing is Popeye naturally and that ending where he imprisons himself is just too sweet and wonderful.

Overall, Cops Is Always Right is sweet and charming, but also different enough to be a one of a kind Popeye experience.

My Rating – 4

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