Choose Your “Weppins” (1935)

Choose Your "Weppins"Choose Your “Weppins” Review

 Choose Your “Weppins” is a 1935 animated short from the Popeye the Sailor series. It is a very good and entertaining entry.

First let’s get to the flaws. This new character is never explained. We do not know who he is and he is too strong at first. Also, the first half is inferior and the tone is weird as the second half is all just action. However, the film is still very good because it is incredibly fun to watch. The characters are all great with the new character being intriguing and a lot of fun. I like when they get new villains and not just rely on Bluto all the time.

Popeye is great naturally, but Olive is superb and I loved that she joined the beating of the guy near the end in a hilarious moment. The humor is good with a couple of very funny scenes, but the action in particular is very strong here as the fights are well imagined and always interesting to watch. And it ends really well. It is a flawed movie, but still a very good one that is one of the more purely entertaining Popeye shorts.

Choose Your “Weppins” has its flaws, but I still liked the new villain, the humor is good and the action is excellent and fun to watch.

 My Rating – 4.2

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