Fowl Play (1937)

Fowl Play ReviewFowl Play Review

 Fowl Play is a 1937 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a good, but in the end disappointing entry.

Fowl Play is about Popeye getting a parrot for Olive, but Bluto comes to spoil everything. This is one of those entries that have a fantastic premise, but the execution unfortunately falls short. The second half in particular is very typical and very forgettable and that is the main reason why I was disappointed in the whole film.

But the first half is much, much better. It starts off well and I liked the parrot quite a bit. The sound is great and I really liked the songs here. It is an entertaining and somewhat funny film, but because the premise and that parrot character is fun and new, the end product feels like a missed opportunity to do something new and exciting.

Fowl Play has good songs, a good parrot character and is entertaining, but the second half is weaker and it is overall a disappointment.

My Rating – 4

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