I Wanna Be a Life Guard (1936)

I Wanna Be a Life Guard ReviewI Wanna Be a Life Guard Review

 I Wanna Be a Life Guard is a 1936 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is one of the weaker shorts in this series.

I found this cartoon to be very problematic. It is never particularly entertaining and the action constantly felt subpar and clichéd. It does have some nice moments and physical gags, but it is mostly uninspired and does not use its premise properly.

Olive is underused. I liked the cheerleading aspect quite a bit here, but it should have been more emphasized regardless. Popeye is also forgettable, but Bluto has his moments. I found the underwater sequence to be the highlight and the whole third act is quite good for sure, but the entire film that came before it is still disappointing and definitely one of the most forgettable Popeye shorts.

I Wanna Be a Life Guard has some great moments in its third act, but it is mostly disappointing and quite forgettable.

 My Rating – 3.5

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