What–No Spinach? (1936)

What-No Spinach?What–No Spinach? Review

What–No Spinach? is a 1936 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is one of the most purely entertaining entries of the year.

I loved this part as it is really fun to watch. The scenario is so good and new, but still perfectly fitting for the cartoon. And they executed it properly and made use of it to the fullest extent. The only flaw here is that Wimpy talks and that I disliked as he is much better when he doesn’t talk. But he is still so good here and he finally gets his episode which I wanted for a long time.

But Popeye is also phenomenal with his signature endearing talk and Bluto is definitely the highlight here because for once he isn’t a villain. There are no villains here, it is the situation that is problematic and creates a chaos. Bluto is very sympathetic this time around and you genuinely feel sorry for him which was not only unexpected, but also a very interesting development. But I loved that it ends in the usual way, with the two fighting and the action is fantastic this time around. This is such a good, incredibly involving entry.

What-No Spinach? is such a fun Popeye short due to a great and interesting scenario and such a fantastic use of Wimpy and Bluto in particular.

 My Rating – 4.3

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