Polar Pals (1939)

Polar Pals ReviewPolar Pals Review

Polar Pals is a 1939 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very good short.

Porky Pig lives in the Arctic with polar bears and seal, but trouble arises when one poacher arrives and starts shooting the animals. The icy setting here is put to beautiful use, not to the fullest extent, but still in a very good manner with a lot of clever, quality gags. I wanted a longer runtime, more memorable music and a better ending, but the ending was still endearing.

Porky is the star here and I loved him and the emphasis on him. His singing in the shower, the entire shower scene as well as some of the lines are very amusing. The villain is solid, but the bears are particularly memorable here. As for the gags, probably the highlight is that wine shooting sequence which is hilarious and yet incredibly dark and mature which I loved.

Polar Pals features a bunch of terrific, clever gags and a great use of its star and setting.

My Rating – 4

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