Playful Pan (1930)

Playful Pan ReviewPlayful Pan Review

Playful Pan is a Disney animated short film. It is a highly regular 1930 Silly Symphony.

So Pan has the power to make animals and even plants dance and when a fire starts, he successfully lures the flames into the water and saves the forest. All of this is very typical in execution and although the plot is somewhat stronger and the animation certainly has its strengths such as the great flames, it is still such a dull, forgettable entry.

I liked its score and the animation and the character design of its protagonist is actually solid for once, but as I said, the short is boring as the action/dances become rather repetitive near the end as they are all the same. Some of the sequences with the flames save this from being a total bore as those are rather well executed.

Playful Pan certainly has its moments in terms of animation, but it is dull and repetitive in its very clichéd plot.

My Rating – 3.3

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