Peculiar Penguins (1934)

Peculiar Penguins ReviewPeculiar Penguns Review

Peculiar Penguins is a 1934 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is a solid, cute little film.

Peculiar Penguins is definitely overly long, clocking in at nine minutes which is rare for the series. But it is actually very entertaining and never boring despite that. It doesn’t have enough plot in it and it is definitely typical and predictable in its every scene, but it is cute with its penguins who are quite endearing and I loved the romantic aspect to it which was sweet with a wonderful ending.

I loved its animation. Very warm with great character design and beautiful scenery. As I said, the action is typical, but still well executed and I liked its cartoony situations nonetheless. It is a pure Disney movie both in style and substance and I really liked that. And the score is pretty good with the song in the first and third act being sweet and memorable.

Peculiar Penguins is typical, but very charming, so well animated and quite pleasant.

My Rating – 3.6

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