Battling Bosko (1932)

Battling Bosko ReviewBattling Bosko Review

 Battling Bosko is a 1932 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a fun short.

Unlike most of the previous Bosko shorts up to this point, this one is actually quite entertaining and interesting. Again we don’t have as much humor or originality needed plus the structure isn’t all that great, but the film is entertaining to watch and putting Bosko in this boxing setting proved to be really amusing.

Honey is so well used and I liked her scenes, the score is quite good and the animation is solid. But it is Bosko who shines here and some sequences with him are quite funny including the action scenes which are very well executed and the ending which is a nice, funny gag. Overall, a pretty solid entry.

Battling Bosko isn’t inventive or great, but it is pretty solid both in humor and in Bosko who is very good and funny this time around.

My Rating – 3.6

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