Let’s Celebrake (1938)

Let's Celebrake Let’s Celebrake Review

 Let’s Celebrake is a 1938 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is an interesting and sweet, but not as funny entry.

Let’s Celebrake is never unfortunately funny. I never laughed, not even once and that is definitely a big problem this entry never overcame. Another problem is that third act with the dance sequence being sweet, but way too prolonged, lasting for minutes.

However, I still liked this entry because it was very unusual for a Popeye short in that it did not focus on Bluto and action, but instead on Popeye and grandma Oyl who is such a memorable character. I loved Popeye here because he showed his sweet and genuinely wonderful side as he was so nice to the old lady. That entire premise is pretty original and even though it needed more energy in its execution, this was still a fine Popeye entry.

Let’s Celebrake lacks in terms of humor and energy, but it compensates with an original plot and sweet Popeye.

 My Rating – 4

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