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Directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt, Jurassic World is a 2015 science fiction film and a returning entry from a franchise that hasn’t had a film for over a decade. It is a pure blockbuster spectacle, a film that is neither bad nor particularly good, but thanks to some well realized aspects is better than most blockbusters nevertheless.

The story is fairly simple. You’ve got a dinosaur theme park and a new, genetically modified dinosaur gets on the loose, starts killing people and our protagonists are off to stop it with a bit of help. It is basically the same formula used in the original Jurassic Park and that is the main problem I had with this movie – it is too reliant on the original and it references it way too much and constantly throughout the whole flick. Doing an homage is one thing, but this is a totally different story. You have many sequences that are literally the same, you have the same score and the character of Claire and her troubles are basically the same from the protagonist in Jurassic Park. This is bad for its originality, but it is also good because in that way it manages to have some fine thrills and quite solid character development.

Yes, the characters are quite well developed and they are the film’s biggest strength that separates it from many other blockbusters these days which almost all have thin characters. Owen is a typical Chris Pratt character which means he is the hero, a man full of himself and immensely arrogant. Hoskins as the villain is the poorest character because he is the typical blockbuster villain with stupid agenda and behavior. The children are quite solid and their brotherly bond was a nice touch. But of course this is Claire’s show and she is great. Yes, she is certainly a legacy from the first movie, but she is not only well acted but likable and very realistic. Her struggles with parenthood are nicely explored and although it was unrealistic to have her be such a hero in the end, it was very entertaining to watch and her resolution and saving the children are beautiful scenes.

The acting is very good and Jurassic World has a great many good actors here. The children are stupendous and Bryce Dallas Howard is excellent in her demanding role. As for Chris Pratt, he is definitely the next Harrison Ford and a movie star in his own right. He plays such an arrogant and charismatic character which is great for the fans of such behavior, but I myself hate such people and I found him extremely unlikable. However, his talent is evident and he is going to have a big career for sure.

This is one of the biggest and most spectacular in the grandest way possible blockbusters I have seen in a long time. That is mostly a bad thing but it is also good because it is definitely engaging and very entertaining with the action being extremely well executed and a lot of fun, especially the last fight between the dinosaurs which was quite epic guilty pleasure. But that grand blockbuster approach means stupid villains and overall dumb decisions. And there are many dumb things here. It is quite racist with of course other races dying first which is so annoying and clichéd at this point. The training of the raptors is ridiculous as is the evident intelligence the dinosaurs possess here. That is too far from the scientific facts that it cannot be forgiven. Also, there is nothing smart and thought-provoking here. Jurassic Park had some great dialogue and interesting ideas and dilemmas regarding man and nature, but this movie does not have anything of that, it is just a dumb, entertaining and majestic blockbuster which is very well executed and a should prove lot of fun for the fans of such things.

As for the dinosaurs, their design is quite solid and the introduction of many different species is great with of course the final fight being such a blast and extremely well done. However, the CGI is so-so in this movie. They do not look like real animals and you can see the special effects which is never a good thing. But the world-building is absolutely terrific with a greatly explored theme park and its vast and wonderfully imagined space. The editing is good, the first act is a great introduction to the characters and a fine build-up with naturally the final act being such an action spectacle as it is and a great conclusion to the story. The direction is so-so, I think with a more professional director, this would have turned out much better. The scenery is beautiful here with some stunning shots and of course the score is amazing, if too old-fashioned and reminiscent to its predecessor. And the action is stupendous and the biggest reason why the movie works as it is executed in such a good and entertaining way. And it helps that the cinematography is terrific with most scenes happening in daylight which was so refreshing.

Jurassic World has some incredibly dumb things which are so far from the scientific facts that it is unforgivable, it has not a bit of smart dialogue and great ideas that Jurassic Park had in spades, the effects are so-so and the movie is way too much reliant on the original with too many literally copied scenes and similar story which means it stops being an homage but rather an unoriginal rip-off. It is a movie that is neither bad nor particularly good but also much better than most blockbusters these days mostly thanks to quite good character development and excellent performances, amazing world-building and extremely well executed action sequences with the final fight being very entertaining and a lot of fun. It is a big, dumb, grand blockbuster but also the one which has some very good things in it and overall it is a very well realized, engaging and entertaining movie that should prove a lot of fun for the fans.

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