I Yam What I Yam (1933)

I Yam What I YamI Yam What I Yam Review

 I Yam What I Yam is the first official short in the Popeye the Sailor series released in 1933. It is a good cartoon, but still not as good as other entries would be.

Popeye is on an island with Olive and Wimpy. He goes to find ducks for dinner, but is attacked by Indians and has to fight them off. The plot itself isn’t particularly impressive, but it is definitely entertaining and it has its comedic moments. Popeye is great and I love that the short starts with his signature song which is a great way to start the series. Olive is also very funny at times and Wimpy is also quite good.

It is stereotypical in its portrayal of Native Americans, but it is funny and the ending with an Indian becoming Gandhi is really clever and hilarious. I also loved its animation and character design of course, but the sound is also good as is the acting. But the action is not that memorable, except for a few inventive occasions. It is overall a good first entry, but still not nearly as good as the series would progressively become.

I Yam What I Yam has good score, fine character moments and really good humor, but the action is lacking and the film is stereotypical. It is good as the first entry in the series, but still lacking when compared to the others.

 My Rating – 4

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