I Like Mountain Music (1933)

I Like Mountain Music ReviewI Like Mountain Music Review

I Like Mountain Music is a 1933 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is such a typical of its time flick.

Everything I said about ‘Bosko in Person’ basically applies here as well – this is a 1930s short film which came from its era, was meant for that audience and cannot properly be enjoyed in this modern era in my opinion which led to it being dated. It definitely did not age well at all.

Some parts were fine here and I really liked the titular song which was a lot of fun, but the film was crowded with too many characters and the gangster elements were especially annoying to me personally. It just deals with a lot of things and totally lacks focus in its execution plus the editing is weak. It looks good and sounds great, but the plot and the characters are too contemporary of its time.

I Like Mountain Music has a great music, but is crowded with too many characters and feels dated today.

My Rating – 3.3

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