Bosko in Person (1933)

Bosko in Person ReviewBosko in Person Review

Bosko in Person is a 1933 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very divisive short in my opinion.

This is basically one giant vaudeville performance starring Bosko and Honey. And it entirely hinges on such a premise. I myself am not a big fan of vaudeville so I wasn’t thriller with this episode personally. But I can see others loving it as it truly does have a couple of very inventive and amusing moments from both of these fun characters.

But to me those moments were sparse and most of the film wasn’t as inventive as you would hope from such a premise. It is also very much of its time and half of the jokes I didn’t even get as I am not as familiar with the 30s culture as I should be. That was certainly a problem that prevented me from enjoying it more.

Bosko in Person is certainly inventive at times, but mostly not enough and it is a film that you either love or don’t care for and I fall in the latter category.

 My Rating – 3.3

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